Problem with placement area

you need the area were limited to in the setup process

i need it bigger in the campaign mode, because i’m using the praetorian industries mod
and a hull in it is really big and i can fit it, now normally i can just use auto deploy and that will get it in but if i do that i cant edit orders or set some fighter squadrons to escort it
so how do you make it bigger

you woulda thought i got some help after a month of waiting

but no

so can i have some help in my 2nd month of waiting, please

Hi dafrandle, sorry for the wait, but i come with bad news… i dont know how to make those changes, i’ve never touched the campaing values and i dont even know if its possible to change at least some maps on the campaings…

That is one of the disadvantages of Praetorian Industries Mod. Huge hulls like Leviathans, Space Stations and some Dreadnoughts are not deployable on campaing maps due obvious size problems…

Again, sorry for the long wait…

Hey dafrandle,

I’m not sure this will help but try looking at this post by cliff. Maybe it will explain some stuff to you. I don’t really play the campaign too much so I’m not very familiar with it.

Cliff’s Post on Campaign editing

no that doesn’t work i don’t think campaign maps work the same way scenario do

let me change the aim of this, how would i per say, chart so i could put tings outside of the plasment area

I think you would have to go into the scenario’s file PI > Data > scenarios > specific scenario.txt

Then you would have to play around with the numbers on the coding line “player_deployment =”

I have not edited it myself but if the coding for the scenario is anything like the rest of this game it’ll be like this:

player_deployment = X1, X2, Y1, Y2

In game display:

| Ships go here |
| Ships go here |
| Ships go here |
| Ships go here |
| Ships go here |

This is all guesses of course. I haven’t gotten to that part of modding…yet.

I would recommend making another copy of a said scenario prior to changing the values around and then play around with them. So if the game crashes, you can replace the “bad file.”

That is pretty much exactly how the deployment area is written for scenarios. Note: best not to play with the ai_deployment numbers, as it may cause portions of the AI fleet to be deployed illegally, which I suspect would cause Bad Things.

I could not comment on how to change campaign settings similarly, or even if it is possible (since my understanding of the campaign is that it pulls fleets/maps from the challenge list, and the map settings are part and parcel of each challenge, my gut feeling is that they can’t be edited. But I could be wrong on that.)

its not a senrio its the camping, there for its not the same, and its regulated buy the amount of ships there are

Hmm…Sorry dafrandle. I looked through the campaign folder and I found nothing that would denote placement area size. You’ll have to take this one up to the big man, Cliffski, or maybe the uber modders archduke or darkstar. Try PMing them with your question versus rooting around in the forums.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, but i am sorry to say, while I have been investigating the problem in my spare time, I have yet to find a solution that will override the placement area.

If i am not mistaken the maps are taken from the server and come complete with deployment locations.
Therefore there is no way we can override the deployment area. However it is entirely possible that i am wrong.

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I appreciate the compliment, BowINwhsprer – thank you. I must stress that I’m not a miracle-worker, though sometimes I can pull off some Gandalf-esque deeds. :wink:

That is my own understanding as well. My explorations of the back-end functionality of the Galactic Conquest campaign game have been unable to find anything which contradicts that. I’m sorry.

While I should stress that you shouldn’t give up all hope until you ask cliffski directly, in general I have to admit that things do not bode well for you hearing the answer that you want.

Indeed so.

There is a very substantial risk in creating enormous hulls for this game : above a certain size, one quickly discovers that outside of a small handful of custom scenarios, the darned things typically range between “annoyingly hard to make full use of” and “useless on account of being too huge to deploy”. One must use care here. Among other problems, these limitations can block a player from ever using one’s mod content within the campaign game.

Be guided accordingly, modders.

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i see that the problem is very implausible to solve
so let me asking something easier, how do i make that hull smaller
or rather how to make that game thinks the hull is smaller then the picture actually repusents

You will have to make changes to the actual textfiles which represent each hull that’s causing deployment problems for you. Make certain that you create a backup of these files before you mess around with them.

Near the very top of each and all hull textfiles in GSB, there are numeric variables clearly named height and width. These govern the on-screen size (in pixels) of the ships during actual gameplay.

Put a smaller number into the height and width fields, and then re-save the file. Be sure to change each variable by the same amount, or the ship will appear unpleasantly stretched.

Note that for some mods which include custom sprites for their weapons, if you shrink the hull by a large amount (for example, reducing a 350-pixel dreadnought to look the same size as a 200-pixel cruiser), the turret sprites will still be unchanged. If that dreadnought routinely uses custom turrets whose sprites were sized appropriately to blend with a 350-pixel ship, such a large degree of sprite shrinkage can look mighty silly if you’re not careful. :wink:

You could make the extra effort to adjust the on-screen sizes of any large turret sprites, but at that point the scope of your project to simply shove a big ship into a small campaign-map deployment zone might begin to get out of control. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks much