Problem with text on Mac

I have a problem with all ingame text - and in Democracy 3, that’s a big problem due to the amount of text. It works fine on my PC, but when I launch the game on my Mac, the text is all bugged up. It does not look like another language - it looks like the spacing between the letters are bugged.

Please have a look of these three screenshots:,J3RWcYh,ph6KJng#0

I hope there is a solution to this :wink:

I would really like to get an answar to this - especially from Positech… :wink:

This is a known issue… It’s caused by the font width data files being 0 bytes. You can simply re-validate the game cache and it’ll fix the issue (or uninstall / reinstall the game). We have a fix in the test branch fixes the issue that automates that process.