problem with the order: unknown explosion type

So i just got the “order” and when ever i try to use them in a battle i get the error "unknown explosion type /src/ GUI_Exposion.cpp 224

this only happens when i try to use the order units or play against them. The problem happens when the battle starts to load.

what version of the game are you running? is it 1.35? was it direct from positech?

I’m getting a similar error - Failed to find exp_cruiser_plumecenter:…\src\GUI_Explosion.cpp 102

I have version 1.35 - purchased from Positech (I originally got the Beta from you months ago). I’m playing The Veil Nebula scenario - at the error occurs just as I’m about to blow up the first enemy cruiser.

Hmm, it should be there then. Was this patched from the beta to 1.35, or did you re-install?

It was patched many times from Beta successfully. Then I purchased the expansion packs and had a similar problem. I think based on prior directions in the board I figured out I needed to copy the graphics files into one of the directories. I got it to work, but then stepped away for the game for a few months. It patched last night and now is having this problem.

There’s probobly a good chance the integrity of the version is messed up. Any suggestions how to clean it off and reinstall?

just re-use the original download link and re-grab the full game installer. That link is updated every patch so it is 100% up to date. You can install the game over the top of itself without problems.