Well, I tried modding it myself, and yeah, it was a total disaster. I didn’t back up the files either. Everytime I install it again it comes up with the same problem. And it won’t create the original files, What do I dooo?!

You could find someone who hasn’t altered their files and get them to send them to you via email?

Uninstall the game - if using WinXP use the Add/Remove Programs thing in the Control panel cause you need to remove the patches first (not sure if this is the same on Vista). Then go to the folder that used to contain Kudos and delete it completely. Also go to /My Documents/My Games/Kudos2 and delete any extra stuff in there.

Then reinstall the game and install the patches. You should end up with a complete fresh install.

Tried, still doesn’t work.

what error message are you getting? Removing the whole programfiles/kudos2 and MyDocuments/mygames/kudos2 folders should really do it.

I think I might be having the same problem. I attempted to mod the assets.csv file, which succeeded only in removing everything from the shop. Every time I try to replace the file now with a new version, it goes in successfully, but then reverts back to the bad file. I’ve tried to copy the good version completely into the bad version, and it seems to take that way, but there’s still nothing in the shop (except magazines). I’ve uninstalled completely, and it still doesn’t seem to work.

EDIT: I was able to rectify the problem by installing to a completely different folder (i.e. Program Files\Kudos 2a instead of Program Files\Kudos 2). It seems like there’s still some ghost somewhere of Kudos 2 in the original folder, even though it appears to be gone.