Just bought the game. Wandering around the menus and clicked the hulls tab in the fleet section. The game crashed. Got a window that the GSB.exe is not working and will close (or words to that effect).

EDIT: If I go to hulls from the races tab it works fine. It only crashes if I go from the modules tab.

happened to me once but just once and then it worked fine ever since…
did you get any kind of a error window or report?

Yeah I get a window - GSB.exe has stopped working. I might try uninstalling and reinstalling later today and see if that helps.

Edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. Here are my specs, hopefully there’s a fix.

P4 2.8 gig duo dual
4 gig ram
geforce 9800GT 1 gig ram

Try this it worked for me.

Install to a path OUTSIDE the programs folder, go to compatible mode select run as “windows xp sp 3” and click “run as admin”. That’s the current settings that I use.

I already had 2 out of your three. I changed the compatibility mode and that seems to have solved it. Thanks very much.

Great Glad a noob to this forum (that me) was able to help you out.

Happy hunting

Lonestar out.

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