Recently downloaded the demo to see if it would run, but it does not run correctly.

The screen flickers (on the right hand side, it flickers between the background and a standard window). The mouse does not move smoothly but studders slowly to the point where the game is unplayable.

It runs fine on another PC with less memory and inferior specs.

Running on a GeForce FX 5600 with fully updated drivers. Using Vista but it will not run in compatability mode either.

Any advice?

do you have the vista sidebar turned on? try tuning that off , it flickers in a number of games, seemingly randomly.

That seems to have solved it.

Thanks a lot for the quick response! I can buy the full game and know it’ll work properly now :slight_smile:. Thanks!

How do you turn that off by the way?

Right-click on the sidebar and select Close Sidebar fom the menu. If you don’t want the sidebar to load at windows startup, right-click on the sidebar and select properties from the menu. Uncheck the box at the top,“Start Sidebar when Windows starts.”

Oh ok thanks.

Wait whats the sidebar again.

the thing with the gadgets telling you the time and the weather and news headlines on the right hand side of vistas desktop.