Problems: demo version on Mac

First off, I want to say Democracy and Democracy 2 are fantastic games. They really are a gem in the independent gaming community. So far, I only have the demo for Democracy 2 because I’m concerned about a couple issues with it. Firstly, the performance on my Mac Mini G4 is a bit sluggish. The gameplay and start up is quick, but the mouse cursor has an annoying delay. Not a big deal and understandably my computer is a bit dated, but anyone have similar problems or suggestions on that? Secondly, is there supposed to be music or sound for the demo version because I have neither. I hope it is in the full version. Again, great game and I look forward to getting the full version soon.

Hi, I’m responding as the guy who brought Cliff’s excellent game to the Mac. There have been a few reports of sluggish cursors on older Macs. One thing to try is switching to windowed mode, where the game will use the system cursor instead of the custom one – that might ease the problem.

We’re looking into your no-sound issue; so far the only reports of that we’ve had have been when playing the game directly from the .dmg disk image. If that’s what you’re doing, try dragging the game out of the disk image’s window to your Desktop to copy it there, and then playing the Desktop copy.

Feel free to correspond directly with us at support (…at…) redmarblegames (…dot…) com.

I bought the full version and also get no sound. I am using a brand new Macbook Pro. Game runs fine other than no sound

I’ll give redmarblegames a prod.

The sound bug has been fixed. Anyone who has bought the game and has the problem should email support redmarblegames com and let me know and I’ll send you the replacement version. The demo at Red Marble Games ( has also been updated. Sometimes other websites that sell the games don’t get, or are slow to post, revised versions – one more reason always to get the games from Cliff or from us. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the trouble; we’re committed to keeping Cliff’s excellent games as bug-free as possible.