Problems when loading the game.

When I start Democracy 3, I get “Input Not Supported” when the game loads, none of the screen is loading, when I alt-Tab I can see my screen again.

My idea:
I’m presuming it’s to do with the game resolution, so is there any way to change the in-game resolution without being in the game itself? Like an options file?

If I’m wrong, any help would be fantastic, this game looks incredible and my money is currently going to waste here.

go to \my documents\my games\democracy3\prefs.ini

open with notepad

change resolution

Resolution was correct, just changed

(Windowed: 0) to (Windows: 1) and it works!


Can anyone advise how to do this on a Mac ? (running out of Steam)

i.e. windowed rather than fullscreen

many thanks, yours hopefully, Rick!

I figured it out…

I edit in [/Users/#username/Library/Application Support/democracy3/prefs.ini]

windowed = 1

thanks, Rick