Problems with "Check for Updates"

Thanks for a great game! I’ve really enjoyed it, but after I used the web-update feature today, the game crashes while downloading the updates. Specifically, the crash occurs when downloading the file “data\webfiles.txt” The other files download fine (the Australian flag bmp took unusualy long, but eventually completed), but the program crashes when it hits “webfiles.txt”

I’m running version 1.4 Final (the full version, not the demo)

Thanks for any help you can offer me!

I have the same problem. Full version of the game.

It will update but when it gets to that file the screen blanks and the game crashes.

if it crashes it should have written to debugdata.txt, can someone send me those files? it’s working ok here ;(

also make sure you are 1.4a, here is the patch:


1.4a locks my entire system up when I try to auto update. The debug files were empty.

1.4 will download part of the update, then crash the system. This actually generates items in the debug. I can mail this to you.

here’s content of debugdata\debug.txt

----DEBUG FILE---- Missing string: CHECKUPDATES Missing string: TOOLTIP_CHECKUPDATES Clearing textured sprites END DEBUG---
here’s content of debugdata\drawdebug.txt

Initialising Direct Draw Attempting fullscreen mode Creating Context at 1280 1024 32 context created Device obtained backbuffer obtained Video Modes Enumerated Driver: RADEON 9800 SERIES \ Microsoft Direct3D Hardware Transform and Lighting acceleration capable device VidMem: 122 MB Card: RADEON 9800 SERIES rev: 0 VB created ok Texture created : .\data/bitmaps\logo2.bmp logo2.bmp Texture created : .\data/bitmaps\ Texture created : .\data/bitmaps\ Release D3DEngine Redundant calls/frame = 0.000000 Engine already released

If someone whio has this problem can run this:

as a new exe file, and try the update, it then generates a lot more debug data in debug.txt and I should be able to track down whats going wrong. If that works, can someone then email me the debug.txt to cliff AT
Thanks people!

OK, my stupidity, should be fixed now at the server side…