Problems With Coporate Exodus and Uncompetitive Economy + Other Suggestions

I am playing an ultra socialist liberal game and despite having maximum stability, technological advantage, high productivity and foreign investment my economy is still classified as uncompetitive and is suffering from corporate exodus.
I think that uncompetive economy should be modified by high productivity and technological advantage, also corporate exodus should be influenced by stability, foreign investment and high productivity.

A few other ideas:
Wire tapping and police force should reduce tax evasion and black market.
More sliders should be discrete rather than continuous (copyright,
National postal service, bus service, airline.
Ability to see what a policy does before implementation
More uncancelable policies (Citizenship, sex work copyright, pollution controls and many others)
Expand genital mutilation to boys (circumcision)
Ways to deal with fake news and cyber bullying.
Less impact of immigration on ethnic minority % (i am currently at 90% with max immigration)
Compulsory superannuation (compulsory self funded pension which reduces cost of state pension)
Poor % should influence cost of welfare (and maybe middle income to a lesser degree on pension, fuel subsidy, free bus passes, etc.)


Thanks for the feedback, it is really helpful.
I think I need to make both state broadcaster and internet censorship reduce fake news.
I might rename the genital mutilation policy so its not gender specific. I agree that its very easy to end up with a super high level of ethnic minorities.

I would suggest that maybe having high productivity and competitive advantage can still exist with an uncompetitive economy if you use a combination of hard socialist and yet high-tech policies.

For example, in theory the country could have super-fast broadband, a super-skilled and highly educated high-tech workforce…and yet the unions limit tech workers to only working 6 hours a day, rendering the advantage moot in terms of global competition.

its a fair point that perhaps stability should factor into corporate exodus to an extent.


Your point on the uncompetitve economy point make sense however the text in the window for it does mention that the imports coming in are made by more tech savvy and harder working employees which is obvious not true in the case of my game. Also despite the working week being down 75%, productivity is up 50% and wages are up 50% (indicating no change in the cost for how much a company wants done and maybe even a decrease due to needing to have the office open all the time.) however the currency strength is up (which would reduce exports) so perhaps that should affect the competitiveness of an economy?

Is there any possibility of seeing any of the other suggestions implemented?

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Sure, there are some great ideas. TBH I had not thought of a nationalised airline, or postal servcie either, although maybe the postal service is quite small as an industry… but on the other hand is likely a really big employer… I’ll add it to the todo list on trello.

We have tweaked some policies so they affect fake news, such as state broadcaster and internet censorship.

It sounds like I need to take a look at working week and ensure its an input into some of the other items.


It is the Result of many Study’s on the matter, that the 6 Hour Workday doesn’t actually decrease, but actually does increase the worker productivity.

Personally i see that myself a lot at work where basically the last two hours i just sit around and don’t have anything to do instead of just going home.

If you would instead just hire more people as an employer, you wouldn’t really make that huge of a profit losses, and your workers are far more motivated to work and produce more value.

This is also true a lot for IT and other high-education Jobs i would say, since i doubt you can focus for 8 hours straight on a very mentally taxing task.