Problems with custom turret sprites

I’ve been trying to add my own custom turret sprite ingame. There’s some problems though.

turret_plasma_v1 =,,24
turret_plasma_v2 =,,25
turret_plasma_v3 =,,26
turret_ecm_v1 =,,10

What does the number at the end mean? Why are there two turret files? Do I need to copypaste my own turret sprite into the or is it added automatically?

Is there a set limit on how big the turret sprite can be? Can they be made to look larger than the small turrets that are in default ships?

I can see my custom turret sprite in the ship editor. The icon, that is. Ingame, I can see the custom sprite in the ship’s modules list when I click on the ship. But on my hull, it’s invisible.

Help would be appreciated.

I’ve managed to fix most of the problems above. But a new one has arised:

How do I change the firing effect? The current one is a little red puff and I’d like it to change it to something more gratuitous.

Edit: If there just was a way to change the large explosion effect into the firing effect, it would be perfect. But I have absolutely no idea how to do it.

It most likely is either hard coded or the game just reads some line from the turret file and then applies correct sprite.

Ok here we go:

turret_plasma_v1 =,,24

That first bit (turret_plasma_v1) is the ‘logical’ name used in the game by the various modules to map turrets to images. Every instance of the cruiser laser will have the same name (under ‘turret’) but they might map to different images. Its used in the modules text files instead of an actual file name, which not turret modules have.

That next bit ( is the actual sprite that is used when drawing the turret in the GUI, such as the build screen, the deployment screen details and the ship details UI at the bottom right of the battle screen when that ship is selected. Its a high res image (relatively) that is a separate file, just for that turret.

The third bit ( is the image file that the actual in-battle sprite drawn on the ship hull is drawn from. They get bunched together by arce to avoid swapping textures so often mid-game.

The final number (24) is the index of that sprite, in that texture, going left to right and in rows. The game assumes a texture that exact dimensions (although they could be scaled up) and works out the location given the index.

Thanks, that cleared it up.