Problems with finances

I have the Big Fish Games version of the game and I seem to be encountering a problem although I am not sure whether it is just my understanding of the game or the actual game. What happens is that my gigs are all profitable and I don’t have any daily costs e.g. no manager, props that have a daily cost, etc. but I still end up with a negative financial balance. Can anyone tell me why this happens (and maybe give some Kudos financial advice;)

I couldn’t figure out why I had this at first too, then discovered I had a couple of icons hidden under a new band member icon.

Daily costs come in all forms - are you paying for rehearsals? Are your band-mates destroying venues resulting in repair charges? Do your band have a vehicle? (they incur daily charges).

I really wish there was a “budget” screen that showed you your daily earnings and charges so you could examine more easily where the money was all going (perhaps Rock Star 2 could have an “accountant” which would open up an additional screen for your accounts).

TO make it much simpler… Just compare your generated Daily income from your daily expenses… If your expenses is much higher daily, ofcourse you should not expect for a positive results :slight_smile:

i kinda wished you could take out a loan in this!