Problems with Kudos: Rock Legend

Alright, so I have the game on two of my computers. Both are running windows 7, but one computer has an onboard graphics card and the other ( the one I’m currently using ) has an nVidia 9500. All the drivers on both computers are updated, however when I (attempt) to play the game on the nVidia computer, I get an error that states "Please check publishers website for tech support Details: [DrawIndexedPrimitiveVB]. I also get this error when I attempt to run Kudos 2 on this computer. Both games work fine on my other computer, and both games worked fine on this computer when I was running XP. I’ve tried adjusting pretty much every compatability setting, with no avail. What can I do to get this game to work? I like it a lot, it’s very addicting, but I can’t play it unless I’m over at my grandmother’s house, which has my other computer. Please help!

Well, actually, to clarify, I don’t get the exact same error when I play Kudos 2 - it just runs EXTREMELY slow and whenever I open a menu it freezes up.

I know my computer’s fine to run it, because I’ve ran it before.

Well, I’ve managed to get Rock Legend to work. I had to set it to windowed mode and run it as an administrator, also I had to take off the autosave and the music. I just hope that it will continue to work :stuck_out_tongue: