Problems with simulation.

There are some problems with the simulation.

Math things. not political things.


If i have zero cars on the road. zero motorists, then why would emission standards for cars increase my air quality?

there are no cars to affix catalytic converters too. How can it… … ?

Another example:

If i have a absolutely stupid rediculous tobacco tax… eventually i am going to have zero smokers.

zero smokers, of course means no one buying tobacco, and my income from that tax drops to nill.

So. if no one is buying tobacco…

Why does having that tabacco tax:

  1. Increase my ‘lifespan’. The tax itself doesnt actually increase lifespan right? i mean. its the fact that there are no smokers, right?
  2. Decrease equality. No one is buying tobacco. why… i mean. ya poor people would pay relatively more but… no one is paying at all…
  3. increase poverty. again, no one is buying tobacco. how is… … ?

I mean, if there was a tobacco black market… some of that stuff might make a little more sense… but there are zero. smokers. umm… ?

Another example:

If you have zero unemployment, you will notice the cost of your unemployment benefits will drop to zero… but it still decreases poverty… what?

Another example:

If you have zero welfare programs, why does having a welfare fraud dept make you (save you) money?

Another example:

If you have zero cars and zero motorists, why does toll roads and speed cameras earn you money, and the other effects they have?

Another example:

Why does asthma epidemics and binge drinking and such cost me money if i do not have state healthcare? Riots? If i dont give a **** why is it costing me money? I aint going to pay for the damages they are causing. that is why people have insurance companies.

Or. worse. If my GDP falls to literally zero, and unemployment goes to 100%. how they hell are people even affording to binge drink! they are not earning any money!

And then there are other things. slightly less mathematical. but like:
why would my literacy drop from 100% to 40% in 6 months if i cancel all my education funding? Did 60% of my population literally just forget how to read? What?

Why does my total population not change? And the ratios of socialists, capitalists, poor, conservatives, liberals doesn’t seem to change like smokers drinkers religious and motorists do.

If my equality is at 100%, why are there still “poor” people, and “wealthy” people in my country?

Average income does not seem to change or have any sort of effect.

So. why is it when i have 3 trillion bucks in reserve… shouldn’t I be investing that money to earn interest… or… Shouldn’t there be an inflation effect which effectively reduces any reserves or debt if the dollar amounts in this game are “inflation adjusted”?

I think if you have reserve you must invest that money in projects because the currency value changes,And in the current market if you don’t take any risk you can’t get success.And the main thing is that you have control on unemployment rather than to increase your national reserve.