Win7 64bit 4GB RAM bootcamp 2011 iMac

Over the past few months, I’ve had repeated, severe problems with my Democracy 3 and it’s mods via Steam Workshop.

Long story short, the game works with all the mods perfectly for a few weeks, then one day suddenly has a problem with it.
After fixing said problem through backup and re-installation of game (and mods manually) it fails to fully load at the main menu without pressing escape - ever. Same for syncing mods. Game sometimes crashes (1/5 of the time?) when playing with only Positech content and has difficulty with mods from Steam workshop, which I cannot download. (I’ve only been able to use the ones I already had from file backups)

I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with my game, or how to fix it, but it’s caused problems with gameplay and this forum is my last hope for any help.