Production Line Blog#107: Components & Behind the Scenes


@cliffski The component cost calculations certainly are a complex element, and any attempt to get an exact cost/unit would be, I think, far more effort than benefit.
Perhaps a range of prices where there are two cost figures on each line (*), or, similar to browser tabs for 100% or 75% or 50% or 25% portion of Imported component cost (%) vs Manufactured entirely in-house cost (%) ?
This would require a 4 part calculation, so it would be more work presumably, but the range would give a sense of actual costs, as you know if you import a lot vs manufacture a lot once you’ve been playing at all really

  • where Component Cost $16,230 - $10,358 (x% - y%)
    x = cost percentage if all components are 100% imported, and, y = cost percentage if all components are 100% in-house manufacture, for example.
    the same style of calculation could be applied to Overhead Cost etc, admittedly I haven’t immediately considered the formulae for the other cost groups but if you’re interested, let me know and I could work it out.

I think the problem with giving a range is the range would be so wide as to be fairly useless, and I guess what the player is really after is knowing how much does a nappa leather seat cost ME, given MY factory and MY level of in-house production.

Something that skews things perhaps a bit too much is that the current stats I’m utilizing only look at the production and consumption of each resource in the last hour, which can be very variable. I may look into improving upon that.