Production Line Developer Blog: #104 Lets talk about strategy (a bit)


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had time to catch up on vids finally.

I agree, I think that having an idle time maybe in parethesis for example β€œFit Body (5m/h)” in the build window for each section would be amazing for troubleshooting. so its idle for 5 minutes every hour, and compare it to other things and you can easily figure out which is the worst. the only ui really needed is a list that you can organize by min / max idle time per category but maybe you can do that with the existing build ui? maybe hovering over the parethesis or clicking on it highlights the section and centers it in your view.

also yeah about the finances, it would be great to have a breakdown of what is being imported vs what is being sold and how much money you are saving by building something locally so that you can figure out how long it takes to get the investment of building the stations required to meet the demand of your exports. then you can know how valuable a product is not just based on the sale price but because its easier to expand the line and get the investment back faster, whereas doing it differently may take ages to see a return and if sales decline could lead to a bad situation, depends on how risky you play the game I guess.

I have already added the breakdown of the component import costs to the UI in the unstable steam branch and it will be live in build 1.76.
I think the introduction of idle time reporting for slots could be done in to phases:

phase 1: store this information and report it for each slot in the details window for that slot when you click on it (not sure where to squeeze this in, as I want to avoid information overload).
phase 2: introduce a new piece of UI somewhere which shows a list of every slot with their idle time / utilization percentages shown so you can navigate to the worst offenders.