Production Line Developer Blog:#88 Are you as smart as a SMART junction?

The latest Production Line developer blog shows off Vans, the new smart junction option and discusses how to improve the tech tree screen.


Why Not add Stacking for Chain-Technologies need much less space and the width of each tile can be make
dynamic dependent of Length of the description in every translation"Advanced self driving " ->" Fortgeschrittenes Selbst Fahren" :wink:


oooh thats interesting…

Hi Cliff,

I think your problem is related to what it is: There are 2 types of binders for research: mounting assembly (chassis, body, etc.) and research pole (specialization, manufacturing and technologies).

the game is a mix of 2. (vertical with the 2nd table and horizontal with the first table).


However, there would be a possibility. I mentioned it in the 2nd part of following thread:

Feedback and Suggestion v1.60

You have general information about the search and a filter (still one) that gives access to what you have chosen as a solution in detail (either the assembly steps, or by research pole).

I worked on this at least 10 days. :slight_smile:

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BTW I did look into some background coloring for the R&D screen which did not quite work, but I do wonder if I should revisit the idea. The current layout is definitely not clear enough.

I don’t know if colors would be the right solution anyway since there are already colors you have to know in the game for different stations, maybe it would be better to just designate the difference by a pattern or style change on the different types of research, too many colors is a nightmare unless they are somehow unified, but then thats only using 1 visual aspect of all possible solutions; I don’t see it working out without looking like rainbows on every screenshot of the game, that would be color overload