Production Line Developer Blog #95 Map Editor Mk 2


This looks so promising. The changes to the editor are awesome Cliff. I’ve been away from playing for a while and came back to work the scenarios again with all the new additions. One thing I noticed in the current build (1.64 unstable) is that when you load a game, after it loads, the Save Game list is still showing there and I have to close it. But thats not a huge issue, wanted to point it out.

I did think of something I would like to see as I am working the 4th scenario. Could you add in the Parts Produced per hour in data on the Manufacture Slots? When I see that I consume 56 Door panels and hour, and I can produce 2 every 8:39 per slot, that comes to about 14/hr per slot. I Just think it would be cool to see that listed when planning so I can blueprint how many I would need to feed the line. Just thought it would be something cool to have.

Also, I remember when you stopped the map from zooming way far out. Is there a way to set it so the center point of the map never leaves the edge of the screen? Asking because sometimes i’ll bump the mouse, and it will scroll and I lose the map. I know these are Minor things in the grand scheme of things.

I have other pipe dreams as well, like having a “timer” on the time it takes for a car to move through the entire line, like in that stat block as you follow a car along. There are other things as well, but for some reason I can not remember them right this moment

Yup I keep meaning to add a timer for cars. I have plans to show that on a new stats screen.

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Ok, Got the 4th Scenario, Making 85k Parts is a Challenge, Got it with only hours to spare. Some more things I came across

  • Live Update of Scenario Progress would be nice to see, right now we have to close and reopen it to get updates (also noticed Scenarios for 10 days end at 1:02 on day 10)

  • The Warning Toggle feature - Some possible refinement, including toggles from the game page (I know several of these are in the settings) for No Export, Insufficient Resources, Broken Down, Defects, and Maybe make the start of Line be Full with Text like it is now, or Just the Image without the Text. This could be a selection in the settings

  • Not sure where this could be, But would like to see the Capable time of the Fastest and Slowest slots, and the actual time. On smaller lines we can find it easily but as the game progresses and we research more and more, add some robots here or there, these will change as we try to balance the line. but having these listed somewhere it could be beneficial for increasing efficiency

  • I noticed when I load a saved game, the game loads, and starts, but the load game list comes back up right away, and I have to close it. It will disappear if the next research item pops up.

  • When the COO message comes up and you have the game paused when you do, when you close or take action to close the window, the game resumes at the last speed you used.

  • Take Action from the COO message brings up the Showroom, and it covers the speed icons, you can click on the speed to pause, and if you do you can’t close the showroom (The X seems to overlap the High Speed button) You have to click midscreen to reselect the showroom to the be able to close it with the X. I 'll get you the screen resolution I run if you need it. The Design screen does not have that issue if you pause the game then close the Design screen.

As always, thanks Cliff for all you do, Just trying to be helpful.

Thanks for the feedback. I cant replicate this load game dialog stacking around bug :frowning: Is it maybe fixed in the unstable build currently on steam? (1.65).
I will be adding a new screen to the efficiency dialog soon, and that will be a good place to add a bunch of new helpful stats about timings etc.

Just tried it in the latest Unstable, Figured out how to record a game clip. Now I just need to upload it. :smile:

Here is a Vid for the Load Save games. I tried to open multiple in a row and eventually an older save game crashed it!AriL42xWR2Ikhn_plSSD5tghPru-

This one is for the Speed Change behind the showroom!AriL42xWR2Ikhn7XgX4Jy541u-hz Might be with the resolution my laptop uses. I showed that in the end of this vid.

Thanks, just fixing the market screen thing now…

Aha…fixing save now. FWIW if you double click the window instead of using save game icon, it closes :smiley:

Haha, yeah, I do things backwards alot.

I would like the ability to drag an edge of a zone to extend it or shorten it in that direction, so that I don’t have to place a completely new room down. also being able to select and drag to re-position an entire room would be great. as for what to do if things are already currently in that room and you make it shorter? up to you. for making it bigger I would leave things in their position, unless attached to the wall that is being extended.

with these changes it will be much easier to use.

I agree moving or drag-extending the zones would be great, it just takes some more time coding…

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