Production Line Developer Blog #99: Blueprintahontas


You asked what expansions we would like to buy so i have an idea.

There is absolutely no function or something about the workers/humans that work for the company.
No “social” aspect at all.

No Offices,no shift scheduling, no social rooms, nothing to eat, no toilet :slight_smile:
And thats a huge point in the real production lines all over the world.

I am the manager, ok. But where is the personal office?
Efficiency is everything, but that does not work without taking care of the employees.

Only an Idea.



Yup, this is definitely an area we have not explored. I’d be interested to know how many people would be keen on this.

I would enjoy a worker aspect. The game could have some technologies that replace some humans with more robots, etc. Shift scheduling could be interesting. Offices could be interesting, if there was more to it than just building them and done.

Worker conditions could affect morale, and morale could affect both efficiency and the chances of defects and breakdowns.

However, I’m guessing that having workers walk from place to place, roam around, etc. is probably beyond the scope of this game.

yes, people walking around creates serious pathfinding hell that is way beyond scope of my limited abilities :smiley: (Actually not, but beyond the CPU for most gaming PCs :D).