Production Line is too easy due to unlimited loans

Production Line used to be a challenging game because you could so easily fail in bankruptcy which is what made you gauge cautiously your spending. Now I have 8 loans and every time I need money, there’s a new loan available. This makes the game now too easy as there is no way to fail.

I believe you have to have loans, but it should be capped at 3 or 4 max. If you can’t make it then you need to start over and spend more cautiously.

I’m not sure that it makes you fail. As a newbie to the game it took be a good 10+ attempts even with the loans!

As I’ve gained more experience I now don’t fail straight away but I get your point.

If you want to take away the ability to take extra loans then there needs to be the ability to pay off loans quicker.

Indeed, I’m with you on the ability to pay off quicker.

Also, I’ve got to the point where I don’t need to use a loan anymore (For now at least, until balance gets changed again :P)

Yikes, I thought I had already capped loans. I will look into this, as you certainly shouldn’t endlessly be able to take them. Maybe I raised the interest rate in later ones…

I know I had a least 5/6 going the other day. Maybe more…

I also think the “Giant Factory” has too much money to start with, it’s too easy to do it without taking a loan.

Ive changed the code for the next build to limit the total number of loans you can have, which should help rebalance the game a bit.

+1 for the ability to repay loans

I think the idea of being able to repay loans quicker is a good idea.
The reason most people get loans is there struggling initially with money or they want to expand sooner,loans help but could slide you into debt.
If it was possible to repay it when you have more money it saves on your hourly costs which can be crippling as i have found out.