Production line Questions

Hey just wanted to add that i loved the game Production line and i’ve been waiting a long time for such a good game… I know it is just in a Alpha stage right know and i had that in mind ofc when i wrote this. i have a few questions and i will address them below:

Question 1:
I wondered if i could, try to make the game itself available on mac because i use mac for most of the time. And i like the game so much. I wont change any of the contents of the game itself.

Question 2:
Will there be available to categorize vehicles and choose what type of car we are making such as Van, Suv and etc.

Question 3:
Would there be a way of putting in walls in the game, and making for example offices for the research teams and Marketing.

Question 4:
Will there be more specialization in the game, Because i played the game and “1”, it is fairly simple to become finished with all branches inside a 2 hour term so maybe make it harder. “2”, Getting more specialization in the engine department so we can make more powerful cars.

And last of all i just want to say keep up the good work and please PM me if you can or answer the thread in the forum.
Best regards from Norway, Oliver.