Production Line Updated to 1.68

This is the last feature-update before we come out of Early Access. The next week is likely to just be bug fixing and usability/UI tweaks and fixes. Here is the list of new stuff:

  1. [GUI] Changed vehicle renaming so it doesn’t annoyingly add (1) to a duplicate name until you leave that screen, to prevent driving people MAD.
  2. [GUI] Component prices on the finance screen can now be sorted up or down by either name or price.
  3. [GUI] Added remappable shortcut key (B) to toggle blueprint mode.
  4. [GUI] Redesigned layout of car design screen to accommodate longer languages.
  5. [Feature] Added Swedish translation and improved others.

  1. [Bug] Fixed bug when adding items to a supply stockpile where some categories would occasionally not be shown.
  2. [GUI] Smart junctions now retain their list of designs when switching in/out of design mode, and also add new designs to the default list.
  3. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when moving existing paint drying slots.
  4. [Feature] You can now move supply stockpiles, and they keep their configuration when moved.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where if you changed floor textures under office space, then moved existing office facilities, the default office floor texture was not re-set.
  6. [Feature] Added researchable make electric motor and make electric powertrain slots.
  7. [GUI] Canceling a slot or facility movement action snaps the item back to its old location.
  8. [Feature] You now get a brand awareness boost of up to 20% automatically if you have high number of sales over the last four hours.
  9. [Bug] Moved slots now remember their import preferences.
  10. [Feature] Telling a supply stockpile to copy a specific task’s requirements now links it, and it auto-updates to account for new research. Any manual change to the slot breaks the link.

  1. [GUI] You can now place down conveyor belts as blueprints.

  1. [GUI] The production schedules at the start of each line are now saved if you move that slot.
  2. [GUI] Slight gradients on the vehicle design price slider now mark out the different price ranges.
  3. [Content] Some new items have been added to various slots, to show gantrys, dashboards, shock absorbers, speedometers,automated platforms & scisssor lifts.

Hope you like the new stuff. feedback most welcome, as are bug reports, we really want a bug-free emergence from Early Access. Many thanks to all your support while the game was in EA. Suggestions for future updates also welcome. if you like the game, bought it from steam and have not yet left a steam review, it is much appreciated!