A “situation” just appeared just appeared in my game, saying my productivity was low… yet, my productivity bar is almost full!

Is this normal?

Isn’t it that you’re wasteful, as opposed to unproductive?

It is possible to be very productive and very wasteful (everything produced just goes to waste).

It says

Possible solution: Technology grants (which I have at maximum now)

I have a suspicion this is a bug talked about elsewhere. This is a maths glitch where very low numbers can effectivly become very high ones when evaluated the wrong way.
Im still checking that my fix for it doesnt cause any problems elsewhere. The good news is its entirely cosmetic. The simulation is working ok, its just that message is triggered wrongly.

I can get high productivity and wasteful economy, if I allow mothers a maternity leave AND provide childcare provision.

It doesn’t really seem that contradictory to me.