Profile refreshing every login

This is more of a minor issue in comparison to some of em here, however I’m having the problem of my profile not ‘sticking’ ingame, as it simply snags upon login. The only thing really damaging of this is my combat ribbons not showing in my profile (I still get the relating Steam achivements though.) I’m unsure if I missed a step setting up my profile or not at this rate >_>

Release 1.014, purchased via Steam. Also installed the Centaur mod.

What exactly happens on startup? Have you made sure your game can contact the server? You will know it works if your profile shwos you have earned any XP, or if you can see the list of challenges ok.

On bootup I get a bunch of what seems to be startup messages (in similar style to the other loadup bars of GTB) but it seems to hang up on ‘Refreshing player profile’. I waited for like 5 minutes once before I canceled it out. Otherwise the battle browsers and everything seems ok (though I can’t seem to see any online challenges)

Have you maybe tied to use a steam code instead of the GTB code to activate the game?
If you cant see any online games, then the game is not connecting to the server, or your serial code has not been accepted.

…actually putting in the serial code instead of leaving it blank on the profile would help too. Whoopsie >_>

Anyway, all better now.