Profitable factory!

So I’ve got nearly 30 hours of gameplay in now since I bought the game and I’ve finally managed to produce a factory that makes a profit and doesn’t just flop within the first two days.

It’s by no way the neatest of most efficient factory (that’s next on the list) but it finally works.

Whats everyone else’s experience of the best order to tackle things in. I took a slightly different method of attack so to speak with this one and I’m wondering if I’ve been doing it all wrong from the start.

I started with a basic layout, the looked at what my biggest expenses were and moved on to manufacturing them myself (things like powertrain, door panels, brakes, tyres, seats), created my own power source, then started to move on to different technologies, shapes of car and expanding production. Is this how everyone else has been working??

Nice one! Keep up the good work.

I do something similar, certainly great to produce the items with the biggest import value, saves so much cash.

I’m still trying to work out the best combination of production units on a single line to make it more efficient, but not overly bottlenecked

I’ve definitely seen the benefit of it, seems to reduce my outgoings quite significantly.

In what way do you mean by on a single line?? Do you split your production lines up and have them completely separate? Mine is just one massive line that snakes itself all the way round the buildings. I’ve not got any bottlenecks at present on that setup that are causing me any issues.

I tend to start with increasing the production of the chassis and then see where everything seems to back up and then I’ll start working on how to increase the throughput. I think I so have quite a few slots around the place that are potentially idle but I’d rather have a spare slot that cars backing up if I can.

Yes, I have one line at the moment, but I find one Paint to 2 dryers works well, so it goes 1 undercoat paint → 2 Undercoat Dry → 1 Paint Finish → 2 Finish Dry → Fit powertrain

I’ve got that with loads of different stages in the process. There’s a lot that are purely linear so one step to the next to the next but stages like that I have numerous. I think I have 5 Pain stations and 12 dryers for example. There’s loads of sections where you can break it down. If you look at the timings on the different slots then you can work it out how many you can use or need.

Which works perfectly…until you research and enable a feature on a station, which suddenly takes 20 seconds longer than before.
I’m working on an Excel sheet to see how many of a given station i need to get a car out the door every i.e. 2 minutes

I tend to just work it out in my head. It’s not a perfect art but it’s been working just about for me. I suppose for maximum efficiency though then a spreadsheet would help.

In fairness I hadn’t ever considered the extra time for some of the upgrades. If we get smart junctions though then that wouldn’t matter so much as we can divert cars to particular routes.

So I’ve carried on working on the same factory and it’s turned into somewhat of a monstrosity now with things all over the place. The issue I’m now starting to get is that I simply can’t get the resources into the factory quick enough with the number of importers that are on the map. I’m using all bar two I think over on the very right side of the map that aren’t really anywhere near anything that needs them.

How does everyone else route their importers? When I’ve been looking at Cliffski’s videos it looks like he essentially has a mesh over the entire factory running between everything. I however have everything split up into more sections, for example all the fit tyres link back to one importer, all the fit brakes link back to one importer but there’s no link between the two importers. Am I doing this all wrong? should i be making myself a setup similar to Cliffski?

Any advice or tips on where to go next?

Are you producing any of the items in-house? This would greatly reduce the amount of reliance on importers.

I have everything linked to everything else.

I was building in house but I’ve actually abandoned it now for the majority of the factory as it was causing me more issues as it couldn’t get the raw materials in quick enough to produce enough for the demand. So I’d end up with 4 make slots to supply the fit slots but I’d only ever Ben be to have two running as the resources will never go fast enough… I get the feeling I’m doing something wrong.

Do you use the predictive stock control?

Yes, where possible I use predictive stock control, as this does help get the resources away quick enough.

I also have local stock piles of things next to each unit, to combat the importing issue. (Particularly fit brake and fit door/window!)