Program to calculate effect of degrade value


I’ve just been working on creating my first events (for my State Union mod, available soon), and one of the things I had difficulty with was deciding on the degrade value. It is hard to conceptualise (for me anyway) exactly how long an effect will go on for and how much of an impact it will have while it is in effect.

Therefore, I have programmed a “Degrade Calculator”. Essentially, you put in the original intensity/value of the effect, and the value that you want it to degrade by each time, and it allows you to scroll through what effect will be remaining each turn. You can therefore see how long the event will have an effect for, and what level of effect it will have during this time.

Download: Degrade (9.88 KB)

Looks very useful :slight_smile:.

Sadly, I saw this thread the moment I uploaded b2 of my Inflation mod, damn, could have been useful.

Ill use it next time though :slight_smile:.

the link ant working anymore

Oh, yeah, I withdrew it and forgot to remove the link. I don’t have any of these things on my server any more.

If you’d like a copy, please E-mail me at

cant you just post it as a attechment?

Aha, never thought of that. Done.