Programfiles blues

I was going through my program files looking for GSB folder, cause I wanted to restart the game but I forgot that the folder I want to delete is in Mydoc. So I find the GSB folder in Program files and I delete it, now I can’t add mods. I want the folder back but I clear my trash bin! The game still works but I cant add mods and it seems like there is no other way to restore it.

You can just re-download and reinstall the game though right?

I tried but it never appeared. D: Lemme try again though.

Edit: Still no luck D:

Yea I can still reinstall and redownload, can the game still get patched even though it doesnt have a program files folder? I hope so.

I’m not sure I understand. By default the game installs to the program files\gratuitous space battles folder, thats where it puts pretty much everything.

maybe you should just tell it to download to desktop and see if it’s there? the desktop is a lot easier to see things in than the program files.

Also I got it off steam if that helps somehow.

If you just get steam to uninstall the game, then re-install it, all should be fine.

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks, been playing SA:MP. Now… I tried re:installing it but it never appeared D: