Programme to create diliemas


This is a simple programme that creates diliemas based on values you put in.

It is not done yet-but I am uploading the programme.

Programme (compiled:) - my apoligies, both dilemma and creator are have bad spelling wrong :frowning:
Source Code (In Basic:)

Sorry for my bad spelling-its midnight over here

Im packaging no readme-I need to go to bed soon but there are some problems at the moment, some of them are quite very obvious.

Also, what is wrong with this diliema code. Its not showing up in game.

name = hello
guiname = Hello
description = testdiliema

0 = “random,0.1,0.3”

Name = test1
Description = test1
OnImplement = “CreateGrudge(Hello,Liberal,0.4,0.1.0f);CreateGrudge(Hello,OilDemand,0.2,0.5.0f);”

Name = test2
Description = test2
OnImplement = “CreateGrudge(Hello,Liberal,0.2,0.1.0f);CreateGrudge(Hello,OilSupply,0.2,0.3.0f);”
The above is a test diliema for my programme-but its not showing up in game, any idea why?

If anyone has any experience with Basic programming, feel free to modify my programme.


I think that it’s influences are not high enough. If I am correct, a dilemma needs an influence total of at least 0.5 to show up - the total on yours, at maximum, is 0.3, from the random influence only. You need to increase the values on the random.


Yep, its working now, thanks TomPhill.

Ill package it together with a readme,etc tommorow, as well as fixing spelling.


I’ve also created a dilemma and events creator (in VB6). They’re not hugely user friendly, because I made them only to use myself, but they have a number of helpful features including:

  • All the simulation names, voter groups, etc. are in lists so rather than needing to know them, you just select them from a dropdown list.
  • There is an “equation editor” to help you get the right values for both influences and effects (and it includes my degrade calculator).

I’ve withdrawn it from my server, so if you are interested, please E-mail me at tom (at)


Damn, should have told me before I made this programme :frowning:.

Thanks, i’ll check it out tommorow.


You may find your program easier to use or that my program has some limitations that my program does not (I don’t know, I haven’t really looked at your program). As I say, I never intended to release these programs so they were not made with that in mind. People can look at both yours and mine and see which they prefer: I think that they are very different ways of doing the same thing, so people will have their own preferences.


Hi, when I try to use the dilema creater (in the original post on this thread), it goes through the options that i fill out okay, but when it’s time to generate the code, the program generates the code and then the program closes so that I have no way to copy it since the program closes. It reminds me of using a dos prompt (command prompt) box in Windows where it closes as soon as it’s done regardless if the user wants it to or not.

I am running WIndows Vista and wondering if there is a way around this by my running it in a certain way or a way to make it write out the dilema to a text file in the same directory that the program resides.

Thank you.


Unfortunately the creator of this dilemma creation program doesn’t visit these forums any more so you’re unlikely to get a response on here.

I do have a dilemma creating program I made for myself that I posted up here for a while, but it’s not particularly user friendly as I only created it for my use. However, I could send you a copy if you would like.


Yeah, that would be great or maybe you can post it to this thread as an attachement.


OK, as I say, this was only made for my use, so it’s not particularly user friendly. These forums won’t allow me to upload an .exe so here’s a link … r.exe.html

From the top, here’s a quick description of what each option does:

System Name: Name used to refer to this dilemma within other dilemmas, events, etc. Also filename of created file.
Display Name: Title that shows up for the dilemma within the game.
Description: Text that shows up for the dilemma within the game.
Options: The two choices the player can pick between. Put the title in the smaller box then the text for it in the larger one.
On Implement: Choose the effects that will occur if the option is selected. The ones under the left box are what will happen if the left-hand option is chosen, and the ones in the right box what will happen if the right hand option is chosen. For each effect, first pick whether it is an effect on the happiness of a group, membership of a group or a simulation value. Now pick what value is affected. The next box is the effect, and the box after that the degrade. If you double-click on either of these boxes, you can get up the equation editor. Don’t enter a minus into this - choose either increase or decrease as the effect type instead. I find the preview extremely useful, because it brings up the degrade calculator that shows you how the effect of a choice degrades over time.
Module: Choose if you want the dilemma to show only if a certain module is active, such as the State Union one.
Influences: What causes a dilemma to show. You can pick policy areas, simulation values or voter happiness in the left-hand menu, then the specific value in the next box. You can then either type the equation into the right-hand box (eg. 0.5-(1*x)), or double-click on the box for the equation editor. In the top box, you pick what the value of the equation should be if x is 0, and in the bottom box what the value of the equation should be if x is 1. Note: the equation editor won’t work for happiness values.Again, don’t enter a negative - depress the negative button if this is what you want. Underneath the four flexible influences are two others you may want. Winning is a determiner based on how well the player is doing, and the equation works the same as with the others. Click the tick to turn this one on. Random generates a random value between the number that you put in the first box and the number you put in the second box. Again, click the tick to turn this one.

Once you click “create”, the created dilemma will be shown. You can then click the “create” button again, and this will then create the dilemma file in the location you choose in the “create location” box.