Progress Reset Bug

This is a slightly amusing bug because it “forces” me to play through GSB battles.

This bug will reset the progress you have made in the GSB regular battles. This means that all the regular levels, the expansions (TRIBE, ORDER, and SWARM) drop all of their scores and progress and refreshes to a clean install of GSB. What does remain though is all of the Custom ships, unlocked parts, and Honor points.

How I have recreated this glitch (with multiple attempts).

All of this is being run from Windowed Mode (v 1.55).

Load the tutorial level.
Play the tutorial level and finish it.

Way one to cause bug:
Before you click on the options to go to fleet hq or the stats screen, exit the game by using the Close button on the window itself.

Way 2 to cause bug:
Continue to the stats screen and use the close button on the window to end GSB.

This bug does not happen when leaving GSB during those times on the other stages. It seems to me that GSB thinks that if you leave the game abruptly during the tutorial level it is dropping all the data for the battles it has stored. Is this a feature to stop rage quitting newbs on the tutorial stage?