Project: Superpower Mod

I am testing a new mod, currently called Superpower.

Simulation variable - Military Strength. Increased by Military Spending, National Service and Foreign Relations. Very low values harm International Trade, Tourism and Oil Supply.

New policy - Nuclear Program. Experimental - Civilian - Tactical - Strategic. Increases Military Strength, but provokes Environmentalists and harms Foreign Relations.

Police Drones have no effect against crime (they are redundant, as there are so many other anti-crime policies), instead they increase Military Strength.

Dilemmas: Some allow military intervention; they hurt Military Strength (as thy tie up parts of your armed forces) but give other benefits: War on Drugs, Disputed Island, Civil War Intervention, Separatist Rebels, etc. Others allow the player to increase military strength, with some negative effects on public opinion: Mercenaries (provokes Socialists), or Foreign Bases (provokes Patriots).

What do you think?

I think that is an awesome idea! Does Nuclear Program policy have some kind of effect on energy efficiency and Oil Demand?

Can’t wait to try the mod out!. Like the poster above, would nuclear power policy decrease energy efficiency, but for example reduce oil demand? Espionage spending could also increase military strength, good Army need good and reliable intelligence.