Proposed change to research pre-requisites

I can appreciate how a whole new resource adds an unattractive layer of complexity to the game.

So what if we just use money for the price component? Use what we have now in that more research offices = faster research speed, but each research project requires ~50-250k investment.

You can remove artificial research restrictions and office space under this system, too.

Yes indeed, this is something I am definitely considering, especially for some of the super high tech late game research like extended range battery packs, voice recognition etc.

Sounds promising.

Glad to see you’re better, too.

What about allowing the starting stations to fit the upgrades, but at a time penality over the higher tier stations.

You have incentive to research the higher tier stations to increase the number of cars built per hour, but you can also fit upgrades with a basic station so it is worth building the basic stations to start.

Its definitely an interesting idea, but the problem, as ever is communicating this simply, easily and obviously to the player so they understand why the time penalty is being applied. I shall give this some thought.

Yeah, it would be quite nice to drop some limited upgrades on the T1 slots. No idea what the downside could be, though.