Proposed fault system (Starship Tycoon 2)

I’m just designing the breakdown system for starship tycoon 2, and welcome any feedback from players of the original.
The new system so far is this:

Faults are now ‘module-specific’ rather than general ship faults. So if you have a ‘squeaky door’, its a squeaky door on 1st class cabin #4. What this means is that as long as cabin #4 isnt in use, it really doesnt matter.
It also means that you can choose to fix faults on specific modules that you need to have working well, as opposed to just carrying out general repairs.

As in the original game, over time, if your engineers arent up to it, your ship will slowly deteriorate. This will accumulate for each module. You will be able to jusge each modules state by its ‘condition’ which initially will be 100%.
As the condition drops, faults will start to occur with the module, and its efficiency will drop. This means engines will be slower, cabins less satisfactory etc.

Each of the faults will represent a certain amount of the ‘decay’ in the condition of the module, so 3 faults might account for 5%, 12% and 15% of the reduction in condition.
When you get to a spacedock, you can choose which faults to repair, and the appropriate amount of ‘condition’ will be retsored to that module.
This also means you will be able to buy 2nd hand modules in poor condition, that already have some faults (for less cash).

Any comments?

Very nice! Sounds good to me. It would also mean you could sell off modules you couldn’t be bothered repairing, too, and get new ones. I love the idea of 2nd hand ones, too.

Sounds good, and gives you a good reason to have more than one engineer in larger ships.

Really, I think it’s a good idea. Lends some realism to the whole “Faults” system.


How about level of faults. For example, your ‘squeaky door’ or a ‘lumpy bed’ would be an inconvenience issue, might only cause a passenger to be unhappy (and cheap to fix) to, say a leaking pipe or clogged drain, which would make the module unuseable.

An oil leak would make the ship stinky (unhappy customers) while an issue in the engine itself (propultion) would make that specific engine unuseable.