Prospective Purchaser

Hello all,

I recently stumbled onto this site view a banner at a webcomic, I want to say Penny Arcade but it could have been another oh well, and downloaded the demo. The game looks really interesting and for the bargain price along with it being direct download I’m highly considering purchasing it. But before I do I just wanted to ask a quick question that may influence whether or not I buy it. If it could be answered I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

Is there a create a nation feature? In the demo, and if this is false in the main game please correct me, I noticed that there were 8 scenarios of nations. IIRC you could mod certain things like interest rates, etc. to each scenario but you were still sort of pigeon holed into those 8 scenarios. Thanks much!

There isn’t a built in nation editor, although you can change quite a lot for each nation on the screen just before starting a game, but each nation is just a text file in the missions folder, and VERY easy to edit and add new ones to. In fact, a lot of people have converted previous Democracy 1 nations over already, and some of them are listed on the current mods page:
There is also a lot of discussion of modding on these forums and how to add new nations. I’m happy to host any modded ones people make.