Publicists and Hype


 My band was starting to do well, so I hired a publicist, figuring they wouldn't have to hand out their own flyers anymore.  However, I saw that hype kept degrading in spite of my publicist.  I looked at what figures I could find in the database.  From the entry in data\simulation\assets.csv, it looks like the publicist increases hype by just a measly 2%, whilst costing $55 a day.

#,publicist,Publicist,staff,“Employ an annoying PR person full time to tell people how talented you are, and ensure they show up at your gigs”,ass_publicist.jpg,0,55,0,8,BAND,“DESIRABLE,REBUYABLE,SERVICE,EMPLOYEE”,#,“band_hype,0.2,1.0”,#,

Meanwhile, according to data\config.txt, the default rate that hype degrades is 7%:


I was just wondering if there are other ways to keep up hype for prospering band without beating down their motivation by making them do leaflets.
The alternative of course, is to modify the database so hype degradation is less and publicist increase is greater, but I figured other players have figured out ways to keep up hype with the default settings.

Thanks for any info.

I’ve played a little further in my first game, and observed that invitations to various types of interviews have increased dramatically, keeping my hype up. Perhaps hiring a publicist helps with that?

I think another thing about the publicists & hype is that if you get to a certain level of fame & you have a publicist & you’re playing in the $7,700 arenas or more you should be offered to promote the band in the following ways:

Local tv, national tv, local radio, national radio, internet, local newspaper or national, local or national magazine. There should be no need to be offered to some days only do flyers or posters. I mean that’s what publicists are for, right!? HELL why are we not offered the choice of having a street team that does the posters & flyers.