Purchased on Steam - DLC via Direct Site

Hello there.

I recently got the Steam Indy Space Bundle, which contained GSB (for a silly low price!) - having had a go at GSB (and being total rubbish at it), I liked the feel of it, like indy games, so took a look here. I was encouraged by the active forums, modding community and so on, so decided to put my £ where it should go: direct to the game dev! (hello Clifski).

So I purchased all of the content direct via the site [product # 28990022 & 28990023] - downloaded it, then bunged it in the Steam App folder - given that the entire bundle (both DLC packs) came to less than what Steam was asking for just the races, and Steam doesn’t even feature the Campaign atm, I thought this was the right thing to do. Hopefully the game dev will get 100% profits not lose out.


Will this still function? I’ve noticed some oddities - for instance, “the Tribe” has no ships listed in the purchase screen of the HQ, whilst the other three do have. Likewise, I was rather expecting to be able to purchase the new races - but they don’t appear in the race tab to purchase. Do I have to unlock them in a different manner? Or have I mixed-n-matched non-compatible versions of the game?

Some thoughts:

#1 I’ve obviously not got the hang of the game so far, but is there any plans to allow more orders? e.g. A “retreat for X distance at Y damage”? and so on. At the moment, I’m left putting everything escorting a main tank & hoping that they’ll somehow bring guns to bear… It’d be nice to have a bit more flexibility ( :wink: )
#2 Any chance of a small patch that would actually label the race specific weapons as race specific? Its a small thing, but important - newbies like me buy the shiny toys then think its not working
#3 The Alliance look the ‘coolest’ of the races, so I immediately rushed to buy them when I’d earned the points. I then do some research, and realise why I’m getting no-where: even the experienced players find them tough-ish to play. Boink!
#4 Battle challenges - I’ve not seen it, but is there a mod forum where people make these?

Anyhow, thanks for making the game, looks interesting - if I’ve not mucked up by my “strategic” buying methods :wink:

Well, since no-one answered my question, I did it for myself.

No problems with mixing the Steam version with the DLC - and thank you to all the modders here, I’ve been enjoying the UT (+Viral) mods (vastly OP compared to vanilla, but I understand that this mod is for people who’ve “done it all”), Praetorian and so on.

I’m kicking myself for not buying that bundle, but I already owned GSB from Impulse. I want to get the campaign through Steam though since there might be Cloud support eventually (so I can easilly play at both home and office). But currently the base game serials can’t be imported to Steam. pout

This is on my todo list for GSBEDit. At some point I could knock up a small standalone script to do so if there was interest, but we’d be looking at some time next week at the earliest.