Putting the mods in

I see all these lovely mods here, but no guide on how to get them in my game. Pardon me but I’m no computer genius here. If I have a set of instructions I can figure it out, but not all on my own I can’t. Can someone help me out starting at the most basic step? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Some of the mods here come with their own installer, but many do not. In those cases, the mod is generally a ‘zip file’. That means that when you download them, you need to unzip them into the right place. Most copies of windows have winzip installed, so that should work automatically.
Pretty much all mods just replace files in the games ‘data’ folder, or a folder inside them.
The easiest thing to do is make a copy of your entire ‘democracy 2’ folder (just in case you screw it up), then download a mod, and unzip it to a new folder. When you look at the names of the folders its created, you can tell where to put it, and then just copy and paste the modded stuff into the right folder.
It will probably replace a lot of existing files, but thats ok.
Some of the older mods for the game are listed here:

Generally you want to be putting the content in the My Documents\democracy2\mods\data folder. If you can locate that folder, you will see some sub-folders: bitmaps, missions, simulation, situations, sliders. You just need to make sure that the right files are put in the right folders. Most mods come with a readme explaining which files should go in which folders, or have the files already put in folders of the same name as the file needs to be inserted into.

Sorry it took so long to get back but I do appreciate the help.

What I don’t understand is that my Democracy 2 folder doesn’t have a Mods subfolder. Am I supposed to make one myself?

it should be created automatically, but it might be limited user rights on your machine have prevented the game doing so.

Are you looking at the correct Democracy 2 folder? The one in My Documents, not the one in Program Files?