Quality of Life changes

From a few hours of playing, I have a few quality of life suggestions.

  1. A way to auto populate stockpile settings. Basically it would let you add all of the required materials for a production step to the stockpile. This would make it easier to set up stock piles, especially for new players who don’t know what each task needs.

  2. Copy stock pile setting. This would allow the player to copy the items and numbers from one stock pile to another. This would make setting up stock piles for additional assembly lines easier.

  3. A move function to move already placed production steps. In the current game, misplacing a step means that you are better off restarting the game due to the loss in selling and rebuying the item.

  4. Add different starting money amounts to each of the level options or add a starting money setting to the scenario editor. This would help new players learn the game, without having to worry about going bankrupt, while learning the basics of the game.

Thanks for the ideas, that stockpile thing is something I have full intentions of adding ASAP!

Hello everybody,

some interesting ideas, no doubt.
I’ld like to add the suggestion to add general information of a stockpile:

  • capacity (maybe there will be different types of production related stockpiles later?)
  • how many slots are occupied via the setting of each item
  • how many part are on stock in total

Adding the number of part on stock per item would allow to get a quick view at the situation even when zoomed out.

Together with the points 2 & 3 from snoopy the Stockpile GUI could look like this:

The first could be provided via presets (included to the game setup) and the ‘Load Set’ option.

The last point would be charming but I’m not sure if ‘move’ means demolish the old one junking all items within and place a new one with the same settings or place a new one with the same settings, move all the goods and demolish the old one as soon as it is empty.

‘Move’ in the meaning of junk the items and replace with the same settings would be enough because everything else is critical to time and routing.

A last wish for improvement is not just to remove the items from the list but also remove the parts from stock. At the moment they stockpile will hold the part as long as they are not requested by a production slot. So in worst case there is no way to get 1 of up to 36 items out of the stockpile except demolishing the stockpile, place a new one and add all the items you still want there from the list. Because of this fact I used a trash can instead of the X.

Btw.: To imrpove the stockpile a bit more to ‘SimStatistics’ a button for statistics could be added which would show the number of parts on stock, receiving and sending over time as a line graph.

Kind regards

Forgot one point that I don’t want to claim as bug: It would be great if the window would be moveable like other are now :slight_smile:

Just some evidence I am working towards all this :smiley:

Great to see :smiley:
So keep up your good work!

yeah this is something I immediately wanted as soon as I set down my first stockpile and didn’t know what to do.