Quality of life improvements

Here is 5 tips that would improve quality of life a lot:

  • When a game starts it should be paused. Maybe highlight the “Normal Speed”-button if this is done.
  • When clicking in the box for name in the “Choose company name and logo”-screen it should highlight all text, so that the text is easier to delete.
  • When a slot (Fit Body, Paint etc.) is placed the mouse should not change. It should still be slot that were just placed. This makes building multiple slots a lot easier.
  • The menu for finance should be placed in the MENU (see image). The money in the top right should still be there, but not clickable.
    Example: image
  • Simplify the research screen. Having two tabs, where a object is dependent on a object in another tab is bad UX.
    Idea: Make one tab only. Make everything smaller: Remove the pictures and set the cost next to the name.
    I’ve altered ‘Chassis Specialization’ and ‘Body Specialization’ on the second picture. The size is ~½ of the current size. The rest should of course be altered as well.
    Before: image
    After: image

Thank you for your time and a great game.

Thanks for the feedback. Although I agree that maybe there is a bit too much space in the R&D screen, I think the icons are quite helpful for people finding what they want, and also making a visual association between the images and the names?