Quality of Life released


The developer update with guest Cliff Harris, playing as the evil corporate publisher person and instigator of silliness, can be found here:

I really liked the synergy you guys had, but Cliff was a bit quiet unfortunately. Also I have gotten used to not putting machines right next to each other. Makes sense now, but the previous version was so space efficient. :smiley:


That was pretty entertaining.

I was just thinking you could make a menu for the belts with the different colors. That would fix your color scheme issue (except the floor). The logic would be when you go to the store, you could buy a green chair or a red chair. You wouldn’t go to the store and buy a green chair and some red paint, take it home and then change its color. Someone out there has to sell red conveyor belts.


It makes sense to me. I should be able to place any color belt I want down for the same price, but pay money to change the color of the existing belt. I’m good with that. :slight_smile: