Quality of Life Suggestions / Bugs

Hi, I’m new here - first of all, great game! I love optimisation games like this, especially when you get more emergent complexity when trying to make things more and more efficient :slight_smile:

Here’s some quality of life suggestions that I think would make the game less fiddly and remove some tediousness, especially when playing in sandbox mode:


Move/Clone assembly - ‘Move’ sells and rebuys the assembly automatically cloning state (e.g. features), ‘Clone’ clones state

Copy production schedules - when moving/creating more assemblies that have production schedules, if the production schedule is big (mine has 24 designs, one for each style/price category), its a pain to create it all over again. Could also be achieved by move/clone assembly above

Create production schedule for all designs button - another way to quickly produce production schedules

Move and Copy/Paste multiple blueprints - ctrl+click multiple blueprints to batch copy and paste - useful for when you’ve designed a lane of assemblies then you need to copy them to create multiple parallel lanes

Conveyor blueprints - designing blueprints sometimes doesn’t work out because you mess up where you think conveyors are going to go (especially when you have little space to build) and have to re-do.

’prefer local’ on output button - On manufacturing assemblies, have a buttom to set ‘prefer local’ on all assemblies that use that item as input. This is useful when you first research say make tyre, and you now want to apply ‘prefer local’ on all fit tyre assemblies.

Global prefer local - have an override option to set ‘prefer local’ globally

Auto apply features on construction of new assemblies - could put this in the current features table view

Priority/Zipper inputs for conveyor junctions - at the moment the game seems to take input clockwise from top when working out which input lane to take at a conveyor junction. It would be useful to choose how to define this, so you can either choose which input lanes take priority or zipper inputs (i.e. they alternate).

Market Analysis:

Customers/hr market history graphs and averages over say last 6 hrs, 24hrs - as customers fluctuate, its hard to determine what the exact production schedule should be to meet demand. The only way to currently do this is to spot check all target markets over time and calculate an average manually (I do this in Excel).

Cost/hr per resource - In ‘Factory efficiency stats’ > ‘components’, show a cost/hr per resource column, taking into account produced, so can order by most expensive total cost/hr to prioritise resource manufacturing

Matrix of features vs car designs - using checkboxes or dropdowns for multi-options (e.g. wheels), to allow you to easily apply features to multiple designs at once and also allows you to check. Useful for when you’re speeding through all the feature researches over and over and then having to apply then to all your car designs.

Show net profit for last 3 hours just below live cash balance in top right - allows you to see whether changes you’re making are positively or negatively affecting you

Show last 3 transactions with time of transaction below live cash balance in top right (e.g. marketing campaigns)

Showroom totals and average showroom life for each model - helps to work out what you’re over/under producting & balance production schedule.


Auto apply universal feature to affected designs - When a feature becomes common or universal, have an option to auto apply feature to affected designs so you don’t have to go into each design in turn and apply it when it becomes common or universal.

Faster speeds - Remove fast speed (the middle one) and add a speed thats double super speed - I find that I’m waiting around a lot of the time at super speed to make some cash or wait for research to happen.

Lower loan interest rate - I find loans useless as the interest rate is far too high so it just bankcrupts me. lower interest rates to average around 5-10%.


New researched features sometimes don’t get applied to designs when you edit designs then click apply

The caret in the textboxes is misaligned and mouseclicking the textbox seems to be incorrectly offset slightly. Most obvious when clicking at the end of text

When selling assemblies, the sell amount seems to have two numbers overlapping so can’t read the sell amount (is this second number the sell amount for the resources held in the assembly?)

Screens dont update when you have them open, e.g. if you have the marketing screen open, unused ideas number doesn’t update unless you close it. This also happens on the car market screen.

Thanks again for the game and thanks for reading!

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In know this is ages later, but just posting to say I do read stuff like this :smiley: Working through peoples wishlists of features and tweaks now…

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