Queries from a demo user

I recently played the demos of both dem1 and dem2, I found them very interesting, but I have three questions:

  1. Would the game suit me? I like playing strategy games but require something to keep my intention, I like to plot it all out but need a game with the repeatability factor

  2. Ive heard there are mods that have people that remake countries instead of having to be fictional countries or just the USA, if this is true, where can I find this? Ive looked on the modding forums and have only found one or two small mods besides talk of a very popular inflation mod.

  3. If I lose my game due to a hardware problem, can I still redownload it and use my serial number?

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome,

  1. Obviously you can judge whether you like the game to some extent from the demo. Not knowing you personally it’s difficult to say whether you would like the game of not, but with various mods, difficulty levels, different countries, etc., you should find the game will keep your attention for a good while.

  2. You can download all available mods from positech.co.uk/democracy2/modlist.html - most of them should be in the modding forum also, but you would need to scroll down, probably to page 2 for most. However, there is a full list on the page that I’ve linked to.

  3. Yes, you can. once you buy it, you get a link that can be used for one year, and after that you can contact Cliff to redownload.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much, that little link will do the trick, I think Ill buy the game today then :slight_smile:.