Question about GSB weapons.

First, apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I THINK this is where it belongs.

Now: Does the “Target Painter” ONLY work for missiles, or does it also assist Torpedoes, rockets and plasma weapons too?


The target painter definitely works for fighter torpedoes, frigate torpedoes, fighter rockets, and cruiser rockets. However, Cruiser rockets do not benefit that much from painters, and I would guess that you’d get more out of having extra rockets on most of your cruisers than having a target painter in place, unless you also brought something with a more accurate missile to the battle.

Plasma weapons do not gain anything from firing on a painted target.

Also note that target painters do not have to be on the same ship as the weapons that are benefiting from target painting.

Yes they work for all you listed. You always wanted painters, even for rockets. However you definitely don’t need 1 for every ship. You just need about 3 to 5 cruiser painters in an entire fleet.

That said, while cruiser rockets looks very nice, it isn’t so good in combat. The Cruiser Fast Missile is the mid range missile of choice, while the MWM or Nomad Missile for long range.