Question about purchase

Hey I know the game is still in development but I’m looking to purchase DRM-free (humble widget) so I just wanted to know if when the game is released you’ll be doing a GOG release and if so will it be possible to get a GOG key or would we have to repurchase on GOG?

I saw something that suggested that you’d send out keys but wasn’t sure if that would be a steam only thing.

Hi, there is not DRM on either the humble or itch versions, its own own digitally signed installer.
We havent decided on GoG yet, but its quite likely. Our direct sales will eventually come with steam keys (when we have them), but not GoG keys.

Sorry for the necro but the answer might have changed: Now that the game is on GoG for sure, could we get a GoG key? I preordered thinking I could get one, I’d REALLY prefer GoG. Thanks!