Question about purchasing the game

My friend has agreed to buy the game for me, if he uses his own email address for confirmation can he then alter it later on to mine so I can get the emails from Postiech regarding the game and if so would there be an issue with a verification process since I use a webmail email address for these sort of things?

No problem. the minute its bought just email me ( with the old and new email address and I can swap them over.
And it doesn’t matter what sort of email you sue, there is no DRM or activation stuff involved.

Freudian slip? :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me, know, I’ll tell me friend this information and email you when it’s needed.

This is why I love indie developers. EA would scream piracy about this.

Didn’t even consider that, it’s like someone buying a game for someone else from a store, I just mentioned it because I want to get the emails since I’m the one who’d be playing it, not him. The difference is EA is they usually sell their games from shops but of course the advantage with this way is no mark up price for the middle man, packaging, etc.