Question about Reflexive version

Just tried today this game from the Reflexive portal.
It plays just fine, except that I had to change my resolution to 1024x768 so I could see some things (my usual resolution is 800x600).

So, here I was looking for some info about that, and found this forum.
After reading a few topics, I’m kinda lost now.
The Reflexive version is “ZeroG 1.0”, while I found that the latest Positech version is 2.2. Is that normal? Am I missing something if I buy the game through Reflexive?

Also, if that’s normal, is there a way to make the game run in 1024x768 even when my desktop resolution is set to 800x600?

Thanks in advance.

yes this is normal, they have different numbering systems. The game won’t let you run it in a window that is the same size as your desktop (or bigger), but it should be ok to run in 1024 despite a lower normal res, if it goes fullscreen. It might be an issue with your video card drivers that is preventing it doing that.