Question about scoring

Just a question because I’m not sure I can easily determine it via observation yet.

For any given battle is your “best score” (and thus the honour points you receive) persistent across difficulty levels or does it “reset” for each difficulty?

So for example: If i beat a battle with my best attempt on easy and get the associated honour… I don’t get any more until I do do better than that. However if I move to Hard level do I:

A) Only accumulate more honour if I beat my best attempt on easy (ie: its persistent)


B) I get more honour for my best attempt on Hard regardless of what the best score on Easy was.

Thanks in advance!


I believe it’s both a and b. If you fight a battle on one level and then come back and fight the same battle over again using a smaller force, you earn the difference in honor between your first and second victories.

But also, as you move up the chart in difficulty, each level starts from zero, so your first victory will net you 100% of the honor you earn, and subsequent victories will earn you the delta for that particular level.

Thanks guys for the input.

Entropy - for what it’s worth I probably didn’t describe my two options very well - but my intent was that option B represents what you describe so I think we’re all on the same page.