Question about "spendadjusted"


I’m doing some new events for my State Union mod. The events come in pairs, so what happens is that one event comes up saying that a new Directive has come in and that you must, say, introduce recycling to comply, and then if you fail to do so, another event occurs, saying that you have been issued with a fine for failure to comply. I’ve tried this out and it all seems to work very nicely except I’m having difficulty with the spendadjusted influence.

What I did was to play one of the missions through without doing anything (except making decisions on the dilemmas at random) until my events came up, so that I could check that they were working. However, when the event giving me a fine came up, I checked in the finance section and it didn’t show up on the pie chart or the line graph, the latter of which showed just a completely straight line for the last few turns on both income and expenditure. My expenditure figure also did not change at all. Am I right in thinking that the spendadjust is simply deducted directly from your reserves/deficit, but is completely ignored in all the other figures?

Thanks in advance for any help as always.

Yes this is correct. the charts basically query all the existing causes of expenditure to see what they are, whereas this is a one off item, which will not get listed. (but should get applied)

Relative to our discussion in the other thread, I see that you are using money here as the controlling factor upon the player. Why not try as I suggest and use approval rating? Make it so that the approval rating hit is so steep that the player must comply or lose.


The idea in this scenario is to model what happens in real life in the EU. The EU issue a Directive, asking for member states to implement laws to a certain effect, and if they fail, they are fined, and continue to be fined while they do not comply. While patriots (and those who stand to benefit from the new Directive) may be unhappy at the fine/non-compliance, popularity is unlikely to drop through the floor. In this scenario, the Directives from the SU are not supposed to be “objectives” but simply to reflect the way in which these Directives are sent out in real life.