Question about updates for the retail version

Hi everybody !

I’m new to the forum (just registered to ask this question).

A friend of mine told me download the demo of democracy. Out of curiosity i did and well : i loved it.

I decided to buy the german CD-Version. Because a) I don’t have a paypal account or a credit card b) sold it cheaper :confused:

I just discovered that there seem to be a lot of updates and mods for the game.

Now my questions are :

Will i be able to somehow update my store bought version or is this only possible with the download version ?

Are there any mods for the german version or would i be able to translate the english mods myself ?

thanks in advance for answering my questions

mods for the game are simple text files, so easily translated. the only ‘patches’ for the game are for the online version, but you should still be able to use any of the mods people post here with your copy.