Question: attachment format


I found it helpful to get a spreadsheet of all modules so I could sort by armor pen, cost, etc; I figured someone else at these boards would probably like it too but I can’t seem to attach the file. The board tells me I can’t upload csv, txt, or xls, and I can’t find a list of allowed file extensions anywhere. I tried pasting the raw data into a code block but it doesn’t easily recompose into excel format (and I’ve tried html tables on these sorts of boards and that doesn’t work at all, iirc). Is there any way I can post that data on this board or should I give up?


Try just uploading it somewhere else and posting the link. I tend to use

I’ve seen others who have uploaded their file to an external site and posted the link. I can’t recall which site they used, but a quick google search should net you something.

Pastebin is good for most text formats, I’m sure it’ll take csv fine.

That said, csv should work here inside a code block, as they should preserve whitespace.